Level and flow control actuators

Precimeter manufacture a variety of molten metal level and flow control actuators. Our actuators respond quick and accurate to changes in command and have long, reliable life spans.

actuators setup in application
Pin position actuator application

Tap Out

Increase quality and safety with Furnace Tap Out Actuators. Stabilize the molten metal flow and control your launder levels.

Furnace tap out application

Gate Valve

Increase safety and automate your casting process with Automatic Dams.

Gate Valve with actuator for automatic dams

Starter Dam

Small and compact Actuator, primarily used for control the flow of molten metal through a tap hole in head box applications.

Starter dam actuator application

Skim Dam

This Actuator is primarily used to move a skim dam back forth during the opening minutes of a Slab casting operation.

Skim Dam actuator

Heavy Duty Stopper

Heavy Duty Stopper Actuator for molten iron.

No items found.
RACT actuator

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